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May 25, 2010

Even More NFCA At The NRA Photos


Daiya [pronounced day-yuh] vegan cheese displayed with Sandwich Petals gluten-free wraps. They sampled little quesadillas. Above is their fancy pants screen display.



The Grainless Baker was there with their gluten-free hamburger buns and cream puffs, along with Goldbaum's gluten-free ice cream cones.


Three Senses Gourmet was a very popular booth with their warm out of the oven gluten-free chocolate souffle. These come frozen in a container that they are baked in that reduces the risk of cross contamination. Very smart!


Have you tried Crunchmaster gltuen-free crackers? Mmm...just the smell of the sesame seeds is nice. I saw a lot of tasters comment on how much they liked them.

Cherrybrook Kitchen and Bob's Red Mill


Thanks to Shabtai Gourmet I ate waaay too many gluten-free ding dongs!


Dr. Ritu Verma of the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and Chef Coppedge from the CIA did a cooking demo together.


Saturday night I went to dinner with the NFCA ladies, Kristin and Whitney. Aren't they cute?!!! They are super fun too.


We went to Roy's and checked out their gluten-free menu. It was fantastic! My photos didn't do the entrees justice...

...but here is a photo of our gluten-free flourless chocolate cake dessert. If you are ever in Chicago, definitely make a stop at Roy's. Great atmosphere, super pleasant and accommodating waitstaff, and delicious food.

May 24, 2010

More NFCA At The NRA Photos


Hi. I wanted to show you the impressive, huge pavilion area that the NFCA organized for all of the gluten-free vendors. See the big sign in hanging? There are about thirty vendors involved. Here are a few photos.


These ladies are professional taste testers for companies developing new products. Interesting business, eh? And they do nutritional analysis.


The San J ladies couldn't be nicer!


And look at their new to-go packs! Whoo Hooo!

And here is Rudi's Bakery...


...not to be confused with Udi's bakery!


And here is Gluten-Free Fabulous re-branded as Simply Shari's.


I think their savory rounds are SO cute!

And I know freeze dried soup doesn't sound very appetizing, but everyone said it tasted great and think about how handy this would come in for traveling, hospitals, survival packs.

Everyone is freaking out over the arepas!

And here are my friends, Kettle Cuisine!

Ok, gotta run down to the expo floor now and attempt to help out, but I have a lot more photos to share later. Oh, and I'll report on the amazing panel yesterday and I have a fun story about meeting Chef Spike from Top Chef!



May 22, 2010

Photos From The National Restaurant Association Expo

View to the left

Hi. I'm takin' a break from the expo to share some photos with you. This expo center is like another city! Seriously, the first time I walked from our hotel room to the expo floor by myself I was afraid that I might get lost! This is the view from my hotel room at the Hyatt Regency at McCormick Square.

View to the right

Last night there was a meet and greet dinner with cocktails here for all of the NFCA people, volunteers and vendors. I sat next to the fun Udi's reps.

Swirlz bakery provided these adorable little cupcakes, and it turns out that Domata flour is their supplier. I'm learning all sorts of interesting little tiddlywinks here.

Aren't they cute?!  IMG_0867_1639
Erica (left) lives in Chicago and is a new NFCA volunteer and (right) Whitney Ehret is Director of Communication at the NFCA.

Nancy Baker (left) is Director of Education and Kristin Vorhees is a Program Associate at the NFCA.

OK, so that's the best I could do functioning on only four hours of sleep! I'll post more from the expo today in a little bit.


May 21, 2010

Gluten-Free History In The Making

Good Morning!!

I'm writing this at the airport while waiting to board my flight to Chicago. I've been invited by the National Foundation For Celiac Awareness (NFCA) to join them at the National Restaurant Association (NRA) expo as an online media representative for our gluten-free community.

You may have heard, the NRA has recognized gluten-free foods as one of the top ten food trends in the restaurant industry, so they invited the NFCA to come and have their own pavilion this weekend along with gluten-free food vendors. Restaurateurs will be introduced to the G.R.E.A.T. gluten-free certification program and different gluten-free food vendors that can help them meet the needs of this new market.

This is huge!!! 70,000 people are expected to be in attendance! My head is spinning. I'm SO excited and I feel so honored to be an eyewitness to these developments for all of us this weekend. This explains why I've been a little absent around here, getting ready for this trip, but I hope to share with you all the juicy tidbits from each day.

So, get ready for gluten-free options at restaurants to explode!!!!

Uh oh, they just started to board the plane...gotta run.



May 10, 2010

Celiac Disease Awareness Month

Sorry, I'm arriving late to the month long party here. I've been wrestling with a nasty cold and I think I finally have my brain back. I think it's running on the Low Blonde Power mode, so please, bear with me.

I think I have found the best way to kick off Celiac Disease Awareness Month around here, with a little humor! This was cut from SNL this last weekend due to lack of time. Kim and I adore Debbie Downer! OH MY could it be any better?!!! Be sure to watch it through to the end. There is a little surprise for ya.

See ya soon!

P.S. Kettle Cuisine extended their contest deadline to May 31st. Don't forget to post your description of their soups on their Facebook page and enter to win a 10 pack!