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September 09, 2008

Gluten-Free Giveaway Winners!


Whew! This was really fun! We had over 300 people enter to win Joan's prize!

And the 5 winners of assorted gift boxes containing samples of Joan's GF Great Bakes famous gluten-free bagels, english muffins, new rolls, cookies and sicilian pizza are....


Deborah Zervas
Kim Bouldin
Justin Gale
Jaime Wasserstrom
Sara Schibanoff

Congratulations and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!! It has been 5 really fun years! I can't believe it.You guys keep me going even when I'm totally burnt out! This is just too much fun and I get to meet really nice people, like Joan, to boot!

Joan wanted me to thank each and every one of you for your comments. She's such a sweetie that it broke her heart that she couldn't give each one of you treats.Thank you, Joan, for such a generous giveaway!

Have you met any interesting people or made any new and special friends since you've started a gluten-free diet?

To top off our anniversary celebration I next want to take you all on vacation!!!!! In the next few days we are going to take a grand tour of the gluten-free world, so pack your cyber bags and stay tuned! Whoo Hooo!

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Congratulations on the 5 years of gluten-free blogging. Keep up the good work!


It would be nice to post the winner's comments!

I would LOVE to know the winner's suggestions. Could you post them for us?

Hey Guys,

Thanks! In regards to the comments, it was a random drawing so the comments had nothing to do with their winning. It was pure chance. Maybe in the future I'll do a contest based on the content of actual comments, since people seem to like that. All of your comments did help Joan to get her creative juices flowing in the right direction.
Thanks again for participating! :)

Can you tell us some of the things she liked?I am interested if she sees the need for sugar free bakery items!Thanks!

Took a drive to DeCiccos in Scarsdale for some of Joan's bagels. My review:

Frozen solid when purchased, but I followed directions to a T.Defrost in microwave (defrost setting, 2.5 mins)
Bake in pre-heated ovenat 425 or whatever it says...

The bagels really come to life when baked. They fluff, form a golden crust, stay crisp on outside, soft on inside, and most importantly they are absolutely delicious.

Hunt these down and buy some!

Oh YUMMY!! YUMMY!! Wow! Hmm I got hungry by watching it!

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