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October 10, 2005

Over Easy ... WITH Toast Please

Peters' Gourmet Diner and Bar
1606 1st Avenue (between 83rd & 84th St.)
New York, NY
M-F/9:30 a.m. - 11:30 p.m. (excluding Holidays)
S-S/8:00 a.m. - 11:30 p.m.

Peters_exterior_1I'd have to say that my favorite famous Peter is Peter Sellers. Hey Kelly ... who's your favorite famous Peter?  Kelly: "Peter Rabbit".  The reason we're sharing is because Peters' Diner, complete with gluten-free menu, has a wall decorated with photos of famous Peters.  AND, the two owners are both named Peter! This bright, cheery, and hip upper east side gourmet diner will have you running three avenues from the 82nd street 6 train stop to indulge in some long lost breakfast favorites. I had myself an order of Eggs Benedict. Poached eggs on toasted white gf bread topped with hollandaise sauce .. mmm, fat calorie heaven! They get their bread from Sterks Bakery in Ontario, Canada, my homeland; a favorite of our gf friends up north (note: Sterks bread contains corn). The gf pancakes are from a Pamela's mix and so delightful to devour with friends at a weekend brunch get together.  Speaking of your friends, Peters' Gourmet Diner is a carb-conscious establishment, so your protein-prone pals will appreciate the "net gram carbs" measurements indicated under every item on the menu. Unfortunately, the syrup they provide is table-style, which contains corn .. maybe we can all politely pester them for maple?

Our first trip to Peters' was breakfast-only, but we'll be back soon to check out the extensive lunch and dinner gf offerings like pasta, sandwiches, and disco fries! That's right, gluten-free gravy on french fried potatoes!! Another long lost favorite ...

The Cadillac of egg dishes

Look out belly, here comes joy


Indoor and outdoor seating


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Peter Lugers--100% wheat free steak

Hi! Just wanted to tell you about other restaurants in nyc that have gluten free menus. Bistango on 29th and Lex is a great Italian restaurant with tons of choices of appetizers, chicken and seafood dishes, and salads. Their menu is tagged with the gluten free items. Also, Blooms Deli on Lex and 40th has a pretty extensive menu of omelettes, bunless burgers, steaks, fries, and even a great rice pudding. Just ask for the separate gluten free menu. Coast in Tribeca is a nice seafood restaurant where they even have gluten free clam chowder! Just ask..and also, Tropica on Park and 45th is an upscale hawaiian restaurant with a separate gluten free menu. Asia De Cuba, although expensive, now has a separate gluten free menu available which is great....and soon to be opening in the meatpacking district is a branch of Philadelphia's Steven Starr restaurant called Buddakan (scheduled to open this nov/dec). Just ask your server for the gluten free menu, and be sure to order the lobster fried rice and the Pad restaurant I've ever been to and now its opening in New York!

Buddakan website does not show a gluten free menu...
Was it the Philly location that has one...or just the soon to be NYC location?

Thank you

Hey Celiac Chicks! Thanks so much for the fun and informative website! Celiac Hubby, Mike, and I visited NYC this weekend. Had a great breakfast of pancakes and Irish bacon at Peter's. Also, the Lentini Restaurant (upper Eastside, 2nd Ave and 81st) was a real treat with GF pasta and absolutely no flour in their sauces! Chef Guiseppi Lentini and the entire staff was so warm and welcoming! I saw them doing GF pasta on the Today Show and wondered why I have not seen them on your site. Very enjoyable, hope you can check them out soon!

At Peter's Gourmet Diner I had my first french fries since going GF years ago. Excellent GF food, excellent service. They can make most anything on the menu GF. The menu indicates which meals can be made GF and they also have a separate GF menu. Good selections.

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