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Kim and Kelly are the Celiac Chicks...

Coincidence? You be the judge: We met at work. We both have 9-5 office jobs in New York's world of high finance. Kelly already had 10 years of being a Celiac Chick under her belt when we met. (She, of course, was self-diagnosed after a long uncomfortable stretch of Dermatitis Herpetiformis, one of the nasty celiac sprue symptoms. No conventional doctor could figure it out.) Discovering that our sense of humor was a match, as well as our sense of style, love of a good sale and good food, we became fast friends. Meanwhile, I had been feeling like total crap for about a year with some mysterious symptoms. Learning about celiac sprue from Kelly, along with a bunch of online research, brought me to try a gluten-free diet. The result? Hello, sunshine! Our bond became closer as we had a great time learning about supermarket navigation, gaining expertise at reading ingredients labels, respectfully questioning waiters, and experimenting in the kitchen (sometimes with exploding bread machines).

However, in all of our celiac research through books and online resources, we sort of wished there was more enthusiasm. We felt there was room on the World Wide Web for a site that was informative and entertaining to help deal with the restrictions of celiac disease, and make the sometimes difficult transition a little easier. It really doesn’t have to be a drag! So, was born as a way to share our finds and save you the trouble of trial and error. We seriously road test every item we place on the site.

We try to keep to items that are gluten-, corn- and dairy-free. Kelly is very sensitive to all three, while I am only sensitive to gluten. Everyone is different, so eat at your own risk. Each celiac or gluten-intolerant person has differing degrees of sensitivity, so we can't guarantee that what's OK with us will be OK with you.

AND, one final note: Even though we get around, we invite any others out there who enjoy discovering the really good stuff to pass it along...we look forward to meeting you and sharing the info with the community.

Kelly and Kim