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February 12, 2008

Martha Stewart Contest Results

Our gluten-free Alexis won today! I have to say that the show today was a bit anticlimactic, but anything to further allergy awareness is a very good thing!  They didn't mention the words "gluten-free" or "celiac disease", but Martha did mention that Alexis won the "popular vote" and that they would start including more allergy-friendly recipes in the several magazines within the Martha empire. She also mentioned that they will work on making them easy to find. I can't wait to find out how!

I'm wondering what the other part of the voting process was besides the online "popular vote"? Perhaps it was within the company?  Considering that the other ideas were over 50% behind Alexis (online) the day before the voting ended, it looks as if all of our votes really made a difference in the end result! The girl with the pet idea that was behind Alexis ended up winning too! So, maybe if online Alexis hadn't taken the lead she wouldn't have won?  We may never know, but the important thing is that our peeps were represented!

Congratulations, Alexis!


I've been meaning to tell you that there is now an official gluten-free teen blog hosted by two teens active with the Celiac Center At Columbia University. Check it out!




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Hi Kelly (and Hi Alexis)! I didn't see the show, but from what I hear I have to say I'm feeling pretty disappointed. From the polls, the allergy magazine idea seemed to be the unambiguous winner. By far. For a mainstream outlet like MSLO it would really have been a stunningly progressive step for them to go ahead and publish this magazine. It would have sent a strong signal to the whole country that these issues are serious and significant, and I think it would have carried a lot of momentum that would not only have instantly translated into appeal for the existing built-in market of celiacs and allergy-sufferers...but would have had the potential to widen that market simply by leading the way for mainstream recognition of these issues, and the resulting questions, doctors visits, and diagnoses. Martha Stewart doesn't seem like a person or a brand that jibes well with half-measures. I'd urge Martha and any others involved in the decision to green light this project to be willing to take this risk, rather than falling back on the easy and uninspiring yet safe alternatives.

Someone else will pick up the idea and run with it, though---a really high-quality allergy magazine will come out in the next two years, I'm guessing.

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