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March 04, 2007

Benefit Others While You Benefit Yourself

the lift(2)

Promethean Fire (photo credit: Lois Greenfield)

Recently I was enlightened. I was contacted by veteran celiac, Alan Olshan of the Paul Taylor Dance Company, with an opportunity to raise money for the celiac charity of our choice, while at the same time bringing people to experience an evening with one of the most respected dance companies in our nation. I have to admit, I was a dance ignoramus having never seen or even heard of the Paul Taylor Co. before. After viewing the academy award nominated documentary, Paul Taylor: Dancemaker, I can tell you that these people are dedicated to the art of dance. Some dancers have been willing to dance for free just to be associated with a dance company, that in their world, reigns supreme. Their definition of "making it" isn't in monetary terms, but in knowing they've blown their joints working with a creative genius. I used to be shy about clapping and standing ovations, but now that I know the behind the scenes passion and sacrifice of these stage performers, I will never be shy in the spectators seat again.

We would like to invite you Thursday March 15th at 7pm to join us for an enchanted evening and performance by the world renowned Paul Taylor Dance Company. 25% of all proceeds will be donated to the Columbia University Celiac Disease Center. Please order your ticket soon, since space is limited for the pre-performance gluten-free reception (at 5:30 to 6:45), graciously provided by Foods By George.

Click here for details on how to purchase tickets....


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If I don't have to travel for work that week I will be there!

Catherine- Cool! Hope you can make it. So glad we met in person. Crazy,small,world! Oh, and btw...your posts on the event last night are great! I didn't even see half the stuff you got photos of!(Too busy talking!:) That's why we are so glad there are new gf bloggers on the scene! Keep up the good work.

Kelly, I share your enthusiasm for dancers. New Yorkers are lucky to be in one of the dance capitals of the world--the talent level is just incredible--so congrats to all involved on a great idea for a fundraising event!

Girls! I can't find how to email you, but email me! I want to go out to a GF dinner and swap more stories and etc, etc.
It was so good to see you both.
Jenn Romolini

I just got my ticket - see you next week.

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