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November 09, 2006

Coconut Carob Cake


I adapted this from a recipe at Chocolate & Zucchini for Coconut Chocolate Cake (scroll down when you get to the link). My version is not only flourless, but dairy-, chocolate-, and sugar-free. If you like coconut, you will absolutely love this cake. Two gluten-eating co-workers thought it was delicious. There's something about using parchment paper when baking and presenting a dessert that makes it look extra decadent. This is a delicate cake, which you can see even in Clotilde's photo, so don't be alarmed if it falls apart a little bit. Your taste buds won't mind.

Follow Clotilde's directions.

And here are the ingredients with my substitutions:

2 cups unsweetened dried grated coconut (I used Bob's Red Mill brand)

6 oz. carob powder as substitute for chocolate. Chatfield's Carob Powder is the finest carob powder I've found, complete with a cute story of its history on the container.

2/3 c. full fat premium coconut milk as cream substitute. I had to use a little more (coconut) milk than the recipe originally called for when I realized that carob does not have fat in it, like chocolate, so the extra coconut milk made up for that.

4 eggs

1/4 tsp. salt

1/4 c. honey


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Ooh, Babycakes! That looks unbelievably good. I *heart* coconut. You rock.

I will try again. I tried to post but it didn't show up. I love carob, it is my new obsession so I will def. give this a try. THANKS!!! Good luck with the cashew cheese.

Well who wouldn't love this? As always, hats off.

Doesn't carob contain barley &/or malt, which is NOT gluten free? The recipe sounds great, but I'm leary of the carob.

Ivy- the ingredients listed on the carob container say it's 100% carob. You may have seen malt or barley in processed carob treats, such as carob candies that look like chocolate.

This looks delicious!! How long and at what temperature do you have to bake this? I am sorry if I missed it, I would love to try it this weekend.

And also, do you know if you can substitute cocoa powder for the carob?

I am so excited to have something delicous that I can actually eat for desserts to Thanksgiving!!


If you click on the link for the words "Coconut Chocolate Cake" in the first sentence of my write-up, it will take you to where I got the original recipe that I adapted, along with the directions. Sounds like you would like the original recipe with chocolate!

Looks great. Thanks for posting it!

Ooh - yum - I must try this - it looks great. Do you know where I can buy the carob powder in a smaller amount? Amazon has it, but you have to buy 6 cannisters of it. Or is there another kind of carob powder that I can use?

I am wondering if anyone has tried eating at Tony Luke's the famous Philly Cheesesteak place that has recently opened near 42nd and 9th avenue. The cheese steaks are the best but I don't know the safety of eating gluten free there? I think it would be great for the Celiac Chicks to scope out the place and report back!! Any interest? It looks like it would be pretty safe minus the bun...even the fries look like they MIGHT be safe.

Chatfields is NOT GLUTEN FREE!! Please consult the web site.

Hi Nick,

Thank you for your concern. Could you please provide a link to the information? I can't find a Chatfields specific website. The information on ingredients via Amazon and another retailer are very clear that the only ingredient is 100% roasted carob powder. There even is an allergy warning and wheat is not one of the foods listed. ?

I would love to make this cake, however the Cocoanut Chocolate Cake is not on the Chocolate & Zucchini website. Could you post on your site or send me the original recipe?
Than you so much!

FYI about the Chatfield's carob powder. This is what I found on their web site in response to whether their carob powder is gluten-free:

"There is no gluten in our powders, however, our producing facility processes other products, such as wheat, that contains gluten. Our manufacturing facility follows good manufacturing procedures (GMP) but we can't guarantee that the products are 100% free from trace amounts of gluten. It is the consumer's choice to decide on using our powders based on their sensitivity to allergens".

For more information, go to and click on "FAQ".

Hey guys...the link changed! [gasp] Thank you for bringing it to my attention. Here is the link to her recipe:

Some time has passed since I posted this recipe conversion and I have learned to always list my adaptations now. In the past I didn't wanted to look greedy with recipes...but I realize now that it is reasonable to list my version as long as I give credit where credit is due.


Its wonderful to see chocolate and coconut together in a recipe! Yum!

I tried the link several times, just to make sure, but it says 'this page can no longer be found'. Would you be willing to add the instuctions to this post? It looks so good, I would love to try it! Thanks!!

The link doesn't work. Please post directions or a new link. Can't wait to try!!

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