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August 09, 2006

Too Hot to Handle

The worst part about the recent heat wave for me was that for over a week I couldn't bring home a box of Bubbies.  Bubbies are mochi ice cream.  Mochi is Japanese sticky rice cake.  So, Bubbies are ice cream balls wrapped in sticky rice cake.  There are different flavor combos to choose from, like chocolate ice cream/strawberry mochi, lychee ice cream/plain mochi, mint ice cream/chocolate mochi, and so on.  Since I discovered Bubbies at Whole Foods early this summer, which are gluten free, I've enjoyed a box of Bubbies a week.  Bubbies have been a wonderful surprise addition to my summer dessert options list.  However, Bubbies won't travel well in pizza-oven-hot weather, unless you invent a refrigerated backpack.

At the recent NASFT Fancy Food Show, we found the Bubbies booth and met the reps. I was so excited, it was like I was meeting a best friend who I'd never known. I started high-speed babbling about my Bubbies addiction, my favorite flavors, and how Whole Foods on 14th St. should carry more flavors, Can you do something about that?, and What? No Way. You have new flavors?!  Bubbies are produced in the paradise of Hawaii, where I hear most people, because of the perfect weather, are perpetually relaxed and laid back, so you can imagine the Bubbies reps were stunned by my manic enthusiasm. I'm sure they would understand hysterical passion for a cool gf summer treat if they could only experience a few days of 300% stagnant humidity, waiting on a hell-like crowded subway platform, and arriving home with a city grime coated body.

Anyway, now I think we are finally moving into the part of summer that's less intense, where a twilight stroll is uber pleasant, your hair isn't frizzy every day, and you can get your Bubbies home before they all melt together to form a uni-Bubbie.



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I just wanted to add that Bubbies would make a great celiac event fundraising item! Everyone would buy one! I contacted the company and they said they could definitely work something out in the NY area for the mochi ice cream balls.

That's great. All the mochi ice cream treats I've found so far have wheat flour. My mom (also a celiac) will be so excited.

these are great-wish i had some right now...thanks for the California Rice Oil contest-you gals are great.

they look yummy [not for the dairy-free sadly] but i'm having a hard time not thinking about my grandmother, my bubby!

Once I read about these treats on your webpage I immediately went to the Whole Foods ( Ridgewood NJ) and purchaed the three flavors they had in stock. The ice cream treats are wonderful. I had a renewed feeling that being celiac is not that bad ( well for today).... and thank you so much for advising they are GF! Your website is such an inspiration!

Would you believe it took me a year to finally break down and buy these spendy little things? I got mango, and they were FABULOUS. Now that I know how great they really are, I'm completely hooked. BTW, did the company ever verify that they were GF? I'm going to feature them on my blog, so I hope so.

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