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March 23, 2006

Tucked Away, But Not Too Far

Gluten-Free Bread Basket Cafe
123 Main Street
Chester, NY 10918



One thing I remember, as I enviously walk past tasty looking NYC bakeries, is the freedom to just walk in, drool at the case, choose my naughty little treat and relax in the cafe sipping my coffee in post sugar rush satisfaction. Well, that's something you can do again at the Gluten-Free Bread Basket Cafe (GFBBC). Sure, we have some great places to pick up gf goodies in the city ... but not any as spacious and quaint (and complete with wi-fi access) as the GFBBC.

Gfbbcstorfront_2 Is the town of Chester too far? Not really. Don't forget that it's good to get out of this crazy city once and awhile. And it only takes about an hour to get there, driving. (Rumor has it Saturday traffic is breezy.) If you need some more incentive to get out of bed earlier, think about all of the bargains waiting for you at Woodbury Commons. It will take self control not to brake as you drive by. If your tastes are a little more refined, an antique store is on the same street as the birthplace of your baked goodies.  As for the naturalists out there,  you can make the day complete with a stop at Bear Mountain. Imagine munching down your bakery booty on the trail.  There's really something for everyone and let's not forget the most important reason to make the trip: unbelievably tasty baked goods.

Bagelcrumcak There is no need to worry ... no chance of cross-contamination here. Many of the employees are celiacs. One of the owners, Marissa, eats gf and the other, Kathy, does not.  This is the perfect combination to ensure quality control along with tastiness control.  Kathy told us their standard is, "it has to taste good."  The fact that some patrons have broken down crying with tears of happiness attests to this standard.  The patronage of many non-celiacs is another sign that taste is tops.

You don't feel like making the special trip, or don't live anywhere near Chester, NY?  Cheer up!  No one needs to feel deprived since GFBBC now has an online store! Try them out. You won't be disappointed.


Cinnamon Raisin Bread and Mock Rye


A variety of breads to choose from, including focaccia! Mostly made with healthy whole grain flours.


A note from Kim:
Before the gf diet, I was pretty much a muffin maniac.  I was a muffin expert/snob and my favorite flavor was carrot.  Well, Kelly brought back for me the GFBBC carrot muffin.  Gang, their carrot muffin might be one of the best I've ever had.  Seriously.



Hard to find gf items are available too!


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I order baked goods from them every couple of weeks. Everything is sooooo good!!!

Awesome! Thank you for all this info :)

While it's nice to read on new GF bakeries popping up in places like upstate New York I was saddened when I heard that the downtown bakery Happy Happy Happy is going under. I recommend you all go to their website and read up on the resons for this sudden closing. Their observations about the celiac community are interesting.

We visited this GF bakery last weekend. It was fabulous. We let them know that we found out about it on your website. They were very excited. I was even surprised to find a box of GF Cherrios. They are called CerOS. My son loved them. He also loved the Crumb cake. Thanks for the recommendation.

was just informed via an email that Gluten Free Bread Basket is closing as of the end of 2006
VERY SAD NEWS...they were great and will be missed


Could you please forward the email to me at I just checked their website and it says that they will re-open Jan 9th. I find it strange they wouldn't put important news about a permanent closing on their website.

Any info on the Gluten Free Bread Basket? We hope the ladies are well and their families too. We miss them and their great GF goodies they made. Does any one know if they will sell their recipies? We miss their great goodies.. croutons, breads, cookies, bagels, muffins and cake. Does any one know of a bakery like this to go and have a GF toasted bagel or muffin??? or buy a great cookie? Would like to know My 10yr old misses the nice bakery.... Thank you

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