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December 10, 2003

Hostess® Ho Ho's™ Meet Their Gluten-Free Match

Cinderella Sweets, Inc. aka Shabtai Gourmet
874 Lakeside Drive
Woodmere, NY 11598
(516) 374-7976
(516) 374-7787 fax

Before I had to go gluten-free I was the biggest junk food junkie.  Hostess® and Little Debbie®'s cakes were some of my favorite treats. I was ecstatic when I sampled Cinderella Sweets’ Swiss Chocolate Roll at the Columbia University Celiac Disease Center’s Patient Education Day. It truly resembles the Hostess Ho Ho™, but gluten- and dairy-free! Rich devil’s food cake rolled up with that vanilla cream filling and topped off with that classic "Made in America" waxy chocolate frosting. Mmm mmm good.

Cinderella Sweets' Swiss Chocolate Roll
Swiss Chocolate Roll

Cinderella Sweets bakery is kosher and their goodies are not only gluten-free, but also dairy-, soy-, corn- and casein-free! Also known as Shabtai Gourmet, they boast of:

  • Rainbow Cookies -- marzipan cake, raspberry filling, chocolate coating

  • Almond Macaroons -- macaroon cookie made with egg whites

  • Chocolate-Flavored Almond Macaroons

  • Apricot Roll -- rolled in thin white sponge cake with coconut topping

  • Mocha Roll -- vanilla cake, coffee creme fill, walnut & cashew topping

All come in 12 oz. packages and range from $6.49 to 7.99 a package plus shipping. Call them (you can't order from the website) and don't forget to tell them that the CeliacChicks sent you!


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Oh MY! I've been craving Hostess HoHo too! THANK YOU!

my husband and I both love the marzipan chocolate/raspberry cookies...they are outrageous!!!

I am an employee at Cinderella Sweets, and would like to thank you for your praise of our products. You can contact us at (516) 374-7976 for information on our products and ordering information.

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